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Where's Doggy? Worksheets

Where's Doggy? Worksheets

Where's Fluffy? Worksheet
Where's Fluffy? Worksheet

PDF File - 561KB - 1 page

Where's Sparky? Worksheet
Where's Sparky? Worksheet

PDF File - 653KB - 1 page

Where's Lady? Worksheet
Where's Lady? Worksheet

PDF File - 281KB - 1 page

Where's Lucky? Worksheet
Where's Lucky? Worksheet

PDF File - 319KB - 1 page

Where's Poofy? Worksheet
Where's Poofy? Worksheet

PDF File - 653KB - 1 page

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Are your students motivated?

Spring Flashcards


CUT 'N PASTE - The Seasons Worksheet

Are Your Students Motivated?

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Contains detailed Teacher's Notes
My Pledge to Help End Bullying
My Pledge to Help End Bullying

Pennies for Peace Curriculum Guides
Pennies for Peace Curriculum Guides

There is also a Pennies for Peace TOOLKIT that goes along with these guides. This is a great resource for teaching ESL to children and at the same time helping a great charity!

"The Pennies for Peace service-learning program includes: a K-12 curriculum, linked to standards with an assessment tool; an implementation guide; fact sheets; printable maps, postcards, stickers & poster components; remarkable videos that open the world of Pennies for Peace; and much more!

By participating in Pennies for Peace you make a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time. While a penny is virtually worthless, in impoverished countries a penny buys a pencil and opens the door to literacy. Join Pennies for Peace and give lasting hope to children half a world away!"

We are NOT affliated or associated with Pennies for Peace in any way. We are just pointing out a wonderful charity and great resources for ESL.

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Telling Time Resource Set

What Time Is It? - FREE ESL Wall Charts
What Time Is It?
Wall Charts

PDF File - 622KB -
9 pages
What Time Is It? - FREE ESL Flashcards
What Time Is It?

PDF File - 261KB -
79 pages*
What Time Is It? Board Game
What Time Is It?
Board Game

PDF File - 278KB -
9 pages
What Time Is It? Matching Activity
What Time Is It?
Matching Activity

PDF File - 159KB -
15 pages
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How to Build Your Own Ice Rink is a new web page that includes
several vocabulary and reading comprehension worksheets.

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This craft is a name place holder to help Christmas dinner guests to find their seat at the table. You can also use the snowman as a decoration or to give as a gift.

Snowman Craft Snowmen Craft
Snowman Craft Page


Go Green! Earth Day Poster LESSON PLAN
GO GREEN! - Earth Day Poster! LESSON PLAN - PDF File - 107KB - 3 Pages.

comic book esl lesson plan worksheet comic book esl lesson plan worksheet comic book esl lesson plan worksheet
Comic Strip LESSON PLAN - PDF File - 464KB - 5 Pages.

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