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Go Green! Say No to Bottled Water Worksheet Set

Go Green! Say No to Bottled Water Worksheet Set

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Go Green! Say No to Bottled Water Worksheet Set


Description: This GO GREEN! kit contains many activities and ideas about an issue that all students can experience directly.

Bottled water is not the biggest environmental issue around but it is one that affects the local community and one which we can impact quite easily.

The theme is "Let's Take Action!"


"Most schools do not include environmental education in their curriculum; however, this type of education is a great motivator for students in an EFL/ESL setting. By establishing an environmental activist role for your students, these worksheets provide unique language learning opportunities. Your students will readily risk new language production because they can make a direct impact on their community.

The recommended age group for these activities is 9-12 and a beginner/intermediate English language level. You can modify the activities for other ages/language levels.

Because each activity may take up to several lessons to complete, you should use a project based approach. You must create a set of lesson plans for each activity. You may also need to provide supplementary resources and materials depending on the age and language level of your students."