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Title: GO GREEN! New Year's Resolutions Worksheet

Description: This is a very simple resource on its own. It can be used as a quick activity or as part of a bigger lesson plan.
For a more complete activity, you can discuss each of the "planet saving" resolutions on the list and help the students to learn more about each issue by using other resources that we have available in this "Go Green!" section.
Another idea is to pick one (or more) of the resolutions and try to apply the resolution to the classroom. The whole class can come up with ideas on how to implement the resolution and even teach students in other classes how to do the same.
The students can also use the three resolutions they have chosen to write a fully detailed pledge. Once the pledge is written, it can be decorated and posted on a display board.
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Earth Day Flashcards for ESL
Earth Day Flashcards for ESL

Title: GO GREEN! Earth Day Flashcards

Description: This GO GREEN! set of flashcards is the perfect tool to help your students reflect about Earth Day and its meaning.

These flashcards are a bit complex for younger learners. However, they can be used with 9-12 year olds as long as there is background support reading and other work is done beforehand.

There are 12 cards with words written on them and the same 12 cards without the words (these can be printed in 1/4 page or 1/2 page size). There is also one full page picture.

The full page card can be used to evoke thoughts about Earth Day related issues before using the other cards.

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Go Green! Ecological Food Choices Worksheets
Go Green! Ecological Food Choices Worksheets

Title: GO GREEN! Ecological Food Choices

Description: This GO GREEN! set of worksheets will help your students reflect upon the importance of good food choices while helping to save the planet.

The students will learn how the process of making packaged food affects the environment.

They will also be able to come up with alternatives to packaged food by researching types of food produced locally.

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Go Green! Say NO to bottled water! PROJECT BASED
Go Green! Say NO to bottled water! PROJECT BASED
Go Green! Say NO to bottled water! PROJECT BASED

Title: GO GREEN! - Say NO to bottled water!


Description: This GO GREEN! kit contains many activities and ideas
about an issue that all students can experience directly.

Bottled water is not the biggest environmental issue around but it is one that affects the local community and one which we can impact quite easily.

The theme is "Let's Take Action!"


Most schools do not include environmental education in their curriculum; however, this type of education is a great motivator for students in an EFL/ESL setting. By establishing an environmental activist role for your students, these worksheets provide unique language learning opportunities. Your students will readily risk new language production because they can make a direct impact on their community.

The recommended age group for these activities is 9-12 and a beginner/intermediate English language level. You can modify the activities for other ages/language levels.

Because each activity may take up to several lessons to complete, you should use a project based approach. You must create a set of lesson plans for each activity. You may also need to provide supplementary resources and materials depending on the age and language level of your students.

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Go Green! Earth Day Poster LESSON PLAN Title: GO GREEN! - Earth Day Poster! *LESSON PLAN*

Description: This GO GREEN! lesson plan will help you to bring
environmental education into the ESL classroom.

Your students will plan and create a poster for Earth Day.

The theme is "What can I do?"
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Go Green Dream House Title: GO GREEN! - Dream House

Description: Each group of students forms an architectural firm to compete in a design contest for a Dream House.

The first worksheet is about last year's winner. This year there's a TWIST!

The contest rules for this year state that the house must be GREEN; this means that no electricity is available and natural materials must be used.
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Green Kit Environmental Education for ESL Children Title: GO GREEN! Worksheet KIT!

Description: This set of worksheets can be made into a booklet that can be used throughout the school year.

There are some great ideas on how to use the worksheets in the Teacher's Notes section.

There is ONE list of vocabulary words that are used with all of the worksheets.
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Go Green Environmental Education Worksheet for ESL Children Title: GO GREEN! - Aesop's Fable - The Golden Goose

Description: This classic fable is used to teach a moral about sustainable living. This is a good resource for a discussion about ecological concerns.

The Cloze method is used in the first part of the worksheet.
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Go Green Environmental Education Worksheet for ESL Children Title: GO GREEN! The 3 R's

Description: A fun activity is used to explain why reducing is more important than reusing and why reusing is more than important than recycling.

Provides a good analysis about how our personal choices affect the environment.
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Go Green Environmental Education Worksheet for ESL Children Title: GO GREEN! Santa's List

Description: From the worksheet instructions, "Santa definitely wants to go green this year and needs your help. Add FIVE more green Christmas ideas to Santa’s list. Hints: Christmas lights, turkey dinner, shopping bags, “handmade”, reuse. You can also look on the Internet for more ideas."
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Go Green Environmental Education Worksheet for ESL Children Title: GO GREEN! Christmas Crafts

Description: From the instructions, "Follow the instructions and make your own Christmas decorations. Use scrap pieces of paper (wrapping paper, office paper, foil, etc.). Make sure to recycle or reuse the paper again."
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